Credit: Jeremy Russnak


Sky Boys by Steve Trumpeter

Thank God for Facebook! by Timothy Moore

Moving on at the Hipster Gym by Tovah Burstein

The Gentle Grift by Tim Chapman

Teen Jeopardy by Jessie Morrison

Editor’s picks:

Red Velvet by Chris L. Terry
The Fall and Rise of ‘The Worst Commercial Ever Made’ by Brian Costello


The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Morrison

Customs by Eldad Malamuth

The Specialist by Marco Buscaglia

Jerry Darn Nation by John Counts

Hymie and Ruth by Daniel Stolar


Nick the Prick
by Benjamin Kumming

I Think the Company I’m Temping for May Be Masterminding a Plot for Global Domination
by Stephen Markley

Between Here & There
by Natalie Edwards

Dear Life
by Will Fletcher

by Robert Cass


Dual Citizenship by Latoya Wolfe

Selfish, Selfish, Selfish by Ben Greenman

The Highest Goodness Is Like Water by Rosaleen Bertolino

The Most Dangerous Beard in Town by James Kennedy

The Strong by Jona Meyer


Disappear by Eduardo Cruz Eusebio

If You Should Have Any Need at All by Keir Graff

Credit: Lilli Carré

Lolita Is Gone by Jona Whipple

Song for Dana Plato by Whet Moser

Stopping By by Heidi Bell


Everything in the Right Place by Sigers Steele

Ha Ha’s Last Laugh by Susan DeGrane

Michael Estrada, World’s Greatest Internet Author by Tim Hall

The Courage of My Companions by Keir Graff

Jane by Andrea Uptmor


Arachibutyrophobia by Hillary Frank

Big Black Monster by Zak Mucha

Double Fault by Keir Graff

How He Leaves by Sigers Steele

Credit: Delicious Design League

Lasagna by J.R. Jones

Paint It Beige by Mae Governale

Sam and Bessie by Tony Adler


A Spinet Is a Two-Man Piece by Jack Clark

Churn by Sigers Steele

Donkey Pose by Susannah Joy Felts

Leisure Activities by A.B. Drea

McDono’s by Carla McCarty

One Valve Opens by Jonathan Messinger

The Lam of Hal Hamburger by James Kennedy

White Dirt by Zak Mucha


A Drive in March by Aaron Emmel

Credit: Leia Bell

Affection by Sarah Broden Wareck

Divinity School by Sigers Steele

How to Make Hot-Water Cornbread by Latoya Wolfe

Sunday Drive by Phil Anderson

The Elusive Blue Pepper by Michael Alan

The Origins of My Curious Condition by Garret Gaston

Unbreakable by Tim Foley


47th Street Black by Bayo Ojikutu

Gymkhana by Monica Drake

How He Survives by A.D. Nauman

Lust Voltage, Our Religion by Randall Osborne

Credit: Julia Kuhl

Maurinette Meede, or the Joy of the Oppressor by Ann Sterzinger

Scumsquat Farewell by Tim Hall

Seeing Aquamarine by Christina Martinez

The American Painter Bridget Callaghan by Samantha Peale

Tomatoes Are Fruit by Penelope Memoli


Baldachins by Ann Sterzinger

Beauty Secrets by Jason Hammel

I’m Not a Puker by Nicole Chakalis

Love’s Tracks by Slobodanka Lakic

Simone’s Got Blue Eyes by Jay Kirk

Something Shiny by Elizabeth Crane

Stratocaster by Mike Newirth

Sugar Water by Greg Downs

Credit: Matthew Elliott

The Grass Carp by Susan DeGrane

The Last Night of Calderon by Adam Langer

They Always Call When You’re Not Home by Peggy Shinner

Turtle Stories by Anne Elizabeth Moore

Yo Mama by Rose Spinelli


Credit and Agency by Zoe Zolbrod

Dirtbags by Rennie Sparks

Girls’ Weekend by Steven Simoncic

Hole by Gina Frangello

Love by S.L. Wisenberg

Moving Day by Philip Montoro

Pit Face by Susan DeGrane

Poet Farmers by John Warner

Credit: Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch

Qi by Charles Dickinson

Rattled by the Rush by Camden Joy

The Boy in the Garden by Lee Martin

The Merchant of Disaster Goes to the Zoo by Jane S. Smith

The Winter Casino by James McManus

To Clothe the Naked by Paul Pekin

Waiter Dreams by Nicole Ropp

West Side Lullaby by Jack Clark