The third annual Chicago Underground Film Festival runs from Wednesday through next Sunday, August 14 through 18, at the Theatre Building, 1225 W. Belmont. Tickets for all programs are $5, with the exception of the opening-night feature, which is $15, and the 11:15 pm Saturday program, which is $10; a $50 pass will admit you to all festival screenings and events, and a $20 pass will admit you to five regular programs. For more information call 866-8660.


Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore

The world premiere of the first feature of Sarah Jacobson (I Was a Teenage Serial Killer), which focuses on a 17-year-old suburbanite who works at an art theater and comes into contact with various hipsters and punks, attends parties, and experiences both good and bad sex. With music by Babes in Toyland, Mudhoney, and Steel Pole Bathtub. (7:00)



A feature by Michael DiPaolo about an ambitious TV reporter who’s kidnapped by the serial killer she’s trying to do a story about. On the same program, David Dobie’s The Preservation of Words. (5:30)

. . . And Then God Became Disoriented in the Forest of Higher Animals

A postapocalyptic feature by J.C. Chapman in which a misfit named Audrey finds a squat in an anarchist zone and begins issuing illegal social commentary. On the same program, Juan Carlos Martinez’s Anamnesia. (6:00)

I, Doll

An hour-long video documentary by Tula Asselanis that’s described as an unauthorized biography of the Barbie doll. On the same program, short videos by Helen Stickler, Tony Gault, Darren Hacker, Saori Miyazaki, and Charles R. Henry. (7:15)

Bloody Mary

A 16-millimeter noir feature directed by James Westby that involves a woman sleeping with her stepfather and a murder plot. (7:45)

Cracking Up

Not the most recent Jerry Lewis flick but a 35-millimeter feature by Matt Mitler about a self-destructive comedian whose style recalls Lenny Bruce. On the same program, an animated short by Tony Nittoli. (9:00)

Invisible World

A 39-minute narrative film by Stacey Richter. On the same program, short films by Kate McCabe, Galen Young, and Richard Mandin. (9:30)

Heaps o’ Hemoglobin

Eight “twisted” shorts by Bump Stadelman, Clement Lachance, Huck Botko, Jeffrey F. Jackson, Ron Rocheleau, and Mark Hejnar. (10:45)

Bet They’ll Get You Wet

Despite the overly optimistic title of this program of short films with erotic themes, two of them aren’t bad. Mark Street paints over a collage of porno clips in Blue Movie, emphasizing surface texture; rapidly flickering colors dematerialize the subject matter. Kate McCabe’s Go-Go Rama Mama looks at a go-go club from a woman’s point of view–the camera shakes with the dancers, deobjectifying them, and patrons look and speak into the lens, placing the viewer in the position of a dancer–though the film is less an academic critique than an amusingly nutty exercise in rhythm. But the slick production values of Michael Nishikawa’s Electrotica don’t make its android-wife theme original or its story coherent, and I haven’t seen Lisa Ann Nordstrom’s Suburban Sluts in Hell. (FC) (11:15)

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): Photo from “Electrotica”.