The third annual Chicago Underground Film Festival continues Friday through Sunday, August 16 through 18, at the Theatre Building, 1225 W. Belmont. Tickets for all programs are $5, with the exception of the 11:15 pm Saturday program, which is $10; a $50 pass admits you to all festival screenings and events, and; a $20 pass admits you to five regular programs. For more information call 866-8660.


George Kuchar

Filmmaker and video artist George Kuchar, whose illustrious career spans four decades and includes such standbys as Hold Me While I’m Naked and Sins of the Fleshapoids, will appear in person to present his most recent work. (5:30)

Neko Mimi

A Japanese experimental feature by Jun Kurosawa; the title means “blocked ear.” On the same program, short films by Juan Carlos Martinez and J.C. Chapman. (6:00)

Toast With the Gods

A contemporary update of Homer’s Odyssey transplanted to Seattle: Toast, the hero, is a drug dealer, and Penelope is a stripper. Eric Magun and Latino Pellegrini directed. To be shown with an animated short by Tennessee Reid Norton. (7:15)

Good Movies, Bad Attitudes

A program of films by Stephen Oatley, Jason Jay Crabtree, Ken Hegan, T. Gritskhue, and Danny Plotnick. (7:45)

Payin’ for It

Video shorts by Jeff Ward, Jean Howard and Julie Reid, Katrina Flener, Lina Hoshino and Wendy Owen, Vicky Funari, and Glenn Belverio and Camille Paglia. (9:00)

So Much Blood, It Won’t Wash Out

Short films by Super-8 Union Local #60, Andy Schlussel, Samuel Zanger, and Adam Davis. (9:30)

We Await

Another bloody video feature by Charles Pinion and Annabel Lee (Red Spirit Lake). On the same program, short works by Richard Kern, Charles Gatewood, Eric Brummer, and Ivan Lerner. (10:45)

Whispers From Space

A documentary feature by Ralph Coon about alleged UFO tracker and prolific author Gray Barker, who emerges here as an elaborate hoaxster. (11:15)


You Can’t Get a Piece of Mind

A documentary by Robert Banks about Vietnam veteran and self-styled rock star Supie-T. On the same program, Chip Karpus’s Frankie of the Head. (12:15)

Fat of the Land

A video documentary by Sarah Lewison about five women traveling cross-country in a car that runs on waste fat. On the same program, videos by Tyler Hubby, Deno Seder and Sheila Chamovitz, Karisa Durr, and Cyan Meeks. (12:30)


A comic video by Vladan Nikolic about a once-famous director teaming up again with his former producer; to be shown with films by Bryan Kregg and Francois Miron. (2:00)

American Skin

A 16-millimeter feature by Michael Rohr described as “a punk-rock noir film firmly rooted in the Washington, D.C., hard-core scene.” (2:15)

Zoiks! What Was That?

Short films by David McFarland, Tyler Hubby, Jeff Vilencia, and Gil Jawetz. (3:45)


A Super-8 video documentary made by Philip Botti about his hometown; to be shown with short works by Jim Larsen, Jennifer Reeder, and David “the Rock” Nelson. (4:15)

The Feel-Good Films of Mr. Nick Zedd

Punk undergrounder Nick Zedd will present highlights from his two decades of work. (5:30)

Drive-In Monsters

Film and video shorts by Jacob Pander, Marco Laguna, Will Martin, Chad Sisneros, and Dante Tomaselli. (6:00)

Drunk on Images

Short films by Super-8 Union Local #60, Koh Yamamoto, Juan Carlos Martinez, James Schneider, Lia Abbate-Chang, Zelda Q. Lin, and Steve Doughton. (7:15)

Curtis’s Charm

See Critic’s Choice. (9:00)

Burnin’ Love

A low-budget vampire movie with rockabilly music, directed by Lee Bennett Sobel. On the same program, Colin Raff’s Unvisionary. (7:45)

The Delicate Art of the Rifle

Ambitious and inventive, but unevenly acted and overextended, this feature about the infamous Charles Whitman, who climbed a Texas tower in the mid-60s to shoot people at random, updates the story to the present and tries to milk it for absurdist humor, telling the story from the bemused viewpoint of his nerdish roommate. Written by Stephen Grant, who also plays the crazed killer, and directed by D.W. Harper, this will certainly hold one’s interest, whatever its hit-or-miss qualities. On the same program, FBI Warning. (9:30)

Mod Fuck Explosion

A feature by Jon Moritsugu that apparently serves up bad taste “by the steaming ladleful.” On the same program, Koh Yamamoto’s Slave #13. (10:45)

Maria Beatty

New York erotic filmmaker Maria Beatty presents two half-hour short films, The Elegant Spanking and The Black Glove, as well as a live performance. (11:15)


That Little Monster

A 16-millimeter horror feature by Paul Bunnell–hosted by Forrest J. Ackerman, with a special appearance by Bob Hope. (12:15)


A Super-8 documentary feature by Evan Aaronson, a wedding videographer who decides to make a tape about his own life. (12:30)

Worship the Olive

Short films by Dan Janos and Adam Victor, Lars Christian L., Eric Cheevers, Fred Johnson, and Guy Benoit. (2:00)

Afternoon Delight

Short films and videos by Jeff Cowan, Kadet Kuhne, Tina Paul and Arhlene Ayalin, A.K. Summers, and Glenn Belverio and Bruce LaBruce. (2:30)

The Second Coming

“Just because you’re paranoid / Don’t mean they’re not after you,” goes the song over the final credits of this striking 53-minute experimental narrative by Jack Walsh, set in the near future when the Christian right is gaining force; the gay, part-Latino teenage hero becomes involved in the resistance. Very attractively shot in black and white by Mike Kuchar, this also draws on archival footage both to create its textures and to inform its apocalyptic lyricism. On the same program, Rock Onorato’s The Method and Russ Forster’s Truth, Beauty, Strangeness and Charm. (3:45)


A feature directed by Peter Hall about a 15-year-old who plots to kill his father, a policeman; with an original score by the English punk band Gang of Four. On the same program, Bill Plympton’s How to Make Love to a Woman. (4:15)

The High Road

A 16-millimeter feature set in Texas by Thomas Pallotta involving a love triangle, ethnic confusion, drugs, and fleeing from the police. (5:30)

Circles of Hades

Short works by Jeri Cain Rossi and Natalie Murrah, Kimble Rendall, Jason Farrell, Christopher Janus, and Andre Seewood. (6:00)

Bullet on a Wire

The world premiere of a Chicago-made feature by Jim Sikora, shot in a week and starring Jeff Strong, Lara Phillips, and performance artist Paula Killen. (7:30)