Credit: Ben Chlapek

I’m most looking forward to cooking dishes with fresh squash and also to going back to school—I’m taking some science classes! —Lydia Fu, illustrator and organizer at the Foundation for Asian American Independent Media

I’ve been listening to Lala Lala’s upcoming album The Lamb (September 28). It makes me feel like I’m in my high school bedroom, putting on a thrift-store flannel before going out for the night. I’m also excited for Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake (October 26) with motherfucking Tilda Swinton. I suspect it’ll be one of those where even (or especially) if it’s bad, it’ll be good. —Laura Adamczyk, author of Hardly Children, out November 20

Watching the current project I’m working on take shape—maybe even a rough cut!—Bing Liu, director of Minding the Gap

I’m looking forward to the artist documentary Kusama Infinity. I’ve been interested in Yayoi Kusama’s artworks since high school, her depiction of our repetitive compulsions that are both self-soothing and consuming. Another art documentary I can’t wait to watch is The Price of Everything, about the insane fever dream of the art market. —Ling Ma, author of Severance

I’m really excited for this upcoming Soulection tour happening, and I’m really excited to hear new music from Eryn Allen Kane and a project from Noname! —Sahar Habibi, local DJ playing the Sound of Tomorrow Presented by Soulection on October 25

The Chicago premiere of Pan at the Garfield Park Fieldhouse October 5 and 6. Some of my favorite humans are involved in this project—it’s composed by Marcos Balter, performed by Claire Chase, and produced by Jane M. Saks (Project &). After seeing the chatter following the NYC premiere this spring, I have been waiting to see it. I highly recommend not just witnessing this performance, but being a part of it too. There are a few rehearsals, but anyone age ten and up can participate in the magic. Do it! —Alyssa Martinez, arts and community organizer

Well, I’m most looking forward to my mayoral run in 2019! This fall I’m looking forward to the crisp smell of beer brats cooking in the Soldier Field parking lot while I beer-bong an Old Style in my #34 Walter Payton jersey. Chicago Party Aunt

Fall is migration season, and more than 100 different species are beginning to migrate through the region on their way to their wintering grounds. Some of the really cool birds from my perspective include sandhill cranes, northern flickers, common nighthawks, red-breasted nuthatches, Swainson’s thrushes, cedar waxwings, and American redstarts. —John Bates, Field Museum associate curator and section head for birds

Rudbeckia, kale, fountain grass, zinnias, coleus, hops , celosia, dahlias, sedum, and smoke bush are some of my favorite fall flowers. Collards, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, and carrots are all great fall crops and can be harvested even after the frost. —Megan Musschoot, owner of Pistil & Vine

The Midwest Independent Film Fest events on the first Tuesday of each month, of course! 🙂 —Amy Guth, director of the Midwest Independent Film Festival

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. I’m looking forward to long bike rides where I can see the leaves change color, long walks through random neighborhoods on chilly evenings, and the winds of change shifting the political landscape in the upcoming electoral cycles. —Amara Enyia, Chicago mayoral candidate