Expertly shot and edited, the best of these 16 films and videos create provocative feelings of displacement, their labyrinthine forms mirroring the confusions of our age. In The Shortest Distance (2001), Brandon Doherty envisions Chicago as a vertiginous maze, intercutting the straight lines of buildings and phone wires overhead. Steve Reinke’s Amsterdam Camera Vacation (2001) is bluntly self-abnegating: disconnected images are accompanied by a voice-over from Reinke, who leaps from subject to subject as if close to a nervous breakdown (“Whenever I see a dog I want to kill it….Dutch boys like to be restrained”). In Bill Brown’s lighthearted Buffalo Common (2001) the North Dakota landscape is studded with missile silos, and his gently ironic voice-over describes varied and contradictory approaches to land use. On the same program: work by Thomas Comerford, Art Jones, Deborah Stratman, Kyle Harris, Sarah Biagini, Julianne Flynn, James Fotopoulos, and Jennifer Reeder and Jon Leone. 101 min. Columbia College Ferguson Theater, 600 S. Michigan, Friday, March 8, 8:00, 773-293-1447.