Choose Your Own Misadventure #38: Inherit This!, Fat Kid Productions, at Frankie J’s MethaDome Theatre. Two ten-year-old twin girls (Sarah Skvara and Renae Stone) inherit their grandfather’s treasure chest, which supposedly contains the secret to happiness. To get the key, they embark on a scavenger hunt that takes them from Chicago to Aruba, racing against a mysterious one-eyed villain (a bland Meredith Crosley). Here’s the improv gimmick: whenever the girls must make a decision–go to the gift shop, or get on the boat?–the audience decides what happens next, in keeping with the spirit of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” kids’ book series of the 1980s. As a result the piece might run a little shorter or a little longer, anywhere from 35 minutes to more than an hour.

The show’s a little silly, a little slapstick, and a little dirty–the grandfather’s last name is Von Cockschtuber. But it most resembles an elaborate drinking game: Thursday nights the beer’s free, Fridays are BYOB, and the audience is instructed to drink every time they hear the word “clue.” Despite the title this is the company’s inaugural production, and the Fat Kids are just starting to gel. The concept is good, but the show would be stronger with fleshed-out characters and a villain with teeth. Nevertheless there are some inspired bits that indicate real promise: an oracle reveals her secret, for example, after handing out clues in the style of a game show host.