Credit: Chris Ware

Probably my fondest memory of being published at the Reader was the week in August 2002 that I sent in the attached strip—about which I felt completely, utterly wretched. In fact, I’d assumed by its pretension and ridiculous complexity that it would be rejected or I might even be fired; I was prepared for either inclemency. However, Sheila Sachs, the art director at the time, not only allayed my fears but also boosted my confidence by calling to tell me it was one of the most moving things she thought I’d done and that she was thrilled to be printing it. I’m indebted not only to Sheila for her tireless patience over the years, but also the occasional buoys to my spirit she would provide. It was a happy time, and I’m grateful to both her and Alison True for making it possible.

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Chris Ware, a Reader cartoonist from 2002 to 2006, is the author of Jimmy Corrigan—the Smartest Kid on Earth, which was named one of the “100 Best Books of the Decade” by the Times (London). He’s a contributor to the New Yorker and was chosen to inaugurate the New York Times Magazine‘s “Funny Pages” in 2005. He’s currently at work on two long-form graphic novels, Rusty Brown and Building Stories.