At first glance Christine Tarkowski’s menacing silo and bunker on the balcony at the Hyde Park Art Center–part of an installation called Administrative Bunker + Rook–seem to be made of concrete, but it’s soon clear that they’re digital photos printed on cloth. Around the bunker are three-dimensional tank barriers that seem less than threatening because they look like large toy jacks and are made of bolted-together cardboard. Among the jacks stands a 15-foot tower made of wood slats that seems like something intended to protect soldiers storming a castle. All these ambiguous parts refer to the military and war, and the mix of scale, historical eras, and construction materials makes the work as a whole even more disconcerting–especially since it’s deliberately juxtaposed with the graceful arches, cornices, and garlands of plaster flowers that decorate the walls of the art center. One walks away disoriented–and reminded that a sense of threat can be created by a sleight of hand. Hyde Park Art Center, 5307 S. Hyde Park Blvd., through February 21. Hours are 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and noon to 5 Saturday; 773-324-5520.