The title of this Wise Woman Fools show is misleading. The real stars are not Mel and Zetta, the two mildly funny thirtysomething female clowns who try to crash the show Lucy Ricardo style, but the fearless, powerful members of the Actors Gymnasium teen ensemble, a disciplined squad of highly skilled gymnasts and acrobats. They execute amazing, sometimes terrifying tricks–like balancing on a ring hanging from the flies or swinging upside down on a rope–without seeming to break a sweat. Even the less scary routines, such as those performed by the precision unicyclists, are done with aplomb. Mel and Zetta’s bits are little more than a lighthearted diversion while the ensemble’s next heart-stopping exhibition is being set up. Through 4/9: Sat 4 and 7 PM, Sun 2:30 PM, Actors Gymnasium, Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes, Evanston, 773-764-2896, $7-$15.