The citrus in question is grapefruit–and once uptight newlywed Marie gets a taste of it she abandons all her preconceived notions about its bitterness and goes on a sticky, juicy, flagrantly symbolic grapefruit-eating binge. Clunky metaphor notwithstanding, the best thing about Janis Craft’s new play is its delicacy. Craft and director Libby Ford allow certain crucial bits of information to come out in the spaces between words, so that–as in life–they dawn on you in delayed synaptic flashes. That’s also the worst thing about the play: we sometimes need more than this approach is able to provide. A recent graduate of the Theatre School at DePaul, Craft is still young in her craft and Citrus needs work. But it’s so close to being a smart, funny, perceptive finished piece you can taste it. Through 10/2: Thu-Sat 8 PM. Springman Studio, 120 w. Kinzie, 773-635-0088. $12.