Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown sometimes seems bent on packing elements of every imaginable facet of American black popular music into each set, in a kind of Texas roadhouse version of the eclectic dilettantism of Taj Mahal. But beneath the occasionally jarring musical shifts–from blues to country swing to bluegrass to hillbilly to funk–lies one of the liveliest and most sophisticated musical imaginations at work today. Gate’s refusal to be pigeonholed simply reflects his affection for the varied cultural and musical influences he–and most other southern musicians–grew up with, and he never strays entirely from his blues roots. Fleet-fingered and adventurous on both guitar and fiddle, he carries sidemen capable of following him everywhere his flights of fancy dictate, and who share his apparently unrelenting enthusiasm for a wide range of musical styles. Although fans who want to see a “pure” blues show might be disappointed in the eclecticism and Gate’s flair for slick showmanship, those wanting to see a soulful craftsman capable of weaving apparently disparate elements into a surprisingly cohesive musical whole are in for a special treat. And you can dance to it. Saturday, B.L.U.E.S. Etcetera, 1124 W. Belmont; 525-8989.