A thick, rich slab of American cheese, this high-spirited sex comedy by the Broken Lizard crew (Super Troopers) blends the Troma Films formula (gore, bare breasts, scattershot satire) with some of the niceties of mainstream filmmaking (acting, editing, a script). Swingers congregate on a tropical island resort presided over by washed-up 70s pop star Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton); drinking and humping abound, but the young staffers are being stalked by a serial killer. As bad-taste comedies go, this is more clever than gross: in one scene a dying man asks his lover for a last kiss and then, as she’s about to oblige, specifies that he wants to watch her kiss another woman. Jay Chandrasekhar directed. R, 103 min. Biograph, Century 12 and CineArts 6, Chatham 14, City North 14, Crown Village 18, Esquire, Ford City, Gardens 1-6, Lawndale, Norridge, North Riverside, 62nd & Western.