Charlyne Yi

There’s a kind of chocolate-meets-peanut butter kismet in the Hideout hosting People Under the Stares, the monthly comedy series produced by local record label Drag City. If the Hideout is for folks who love music but not the usual rock ‘n’ roll club trappings ($6 Bud Lights and people yelling “Whoo!” a lot), PUTS is for those who love comedy but not comedy club trappings (two-drink minimums and people yelling “Whoo!”). You could call PUTS indie- or alt-comedy or whatever the current term of art is on satellite radio, but the bottom line is that it delivered an impressive collection of innovative comedic talent—Zach Galifianakis, Fred Armisen, Hannibal Buress, among others—in its first incarnation during the summers of 2007 and 2008. Now that it’s back, having premiered in April with a show featuring anticomic Neil Hamburger, indications are good it’ll carry on in the same vein. Tonight’s lineup is led by Charlyne Yi, whose performances “don’t always include joke telling” but resort instead to “tactics such as music, magic, games, and often audience participation.” Also on the bill: Neal Brennan, who partnered with Dave Chappelle on Half Baked and Chappelle’s Show, DJ Douggpound, and local comic Lisa Laureta.