Jamie Campbell

Not to say that watching your drunk-ass friends shoot bottle rockets at one another isn’t a fun and patriotic way to celebrate our nation’s independence, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the usual July 4 shenanigans, Stand-Up for America! looks like a good way to go. Hosted by 100 Proof Comedy’s Jamie Campbell, the show consists of 13 Chicago-based stand-ups—”one for each stripe on Old Glory”—doing ten to 12 minutes apiece. Likely highlights include sets by Lisa Laureta (fresh off a gig with the People Under the Stares comedy series at the Hideout), caustic Chad Briggs, streetwise Cameron Esposito, and Kelsie Huff of the Kates. Campbell and company say they’re not enforcing a holiday theme, but participants have been making noises about taking a break from the usual my-love-life’s-fucked navel-gazing. So look for new material fit for these United States.