Liza Treyger
Liza Treyger Credit: Heather Marie Scholl

On her website, among cute headshots decorated with Blingee-like stickers, there’s a picture of Liza Treyger passed out on a piano bench. She tells friends who “just want to do what you do!” when visiting that they’ll likely spend half the day stoned out of their minds and trying to parallel park, the other half picking the chocolate out of trail mix. So it was appropriate that Treyger made her national TV debut this fall on Adam DeVine’s House Party, given DeVine’s own history of playing grown-up children: see his character Adam DeMamp on his other Comedy Central project, Workaholics.

Beyond her stoner-sweetheart persona, though, Treyger uses jokes to explore the strange social position of many young American women in the modern age. Despite our third-wave “I can be or do anything” self-confidence, we still encounter casual sexism everywhere, especially when it comes to having sex. Treyger talks about being asked by a straight male friend what it’s like to give a blow job; she casually answers, “It’s actually pretty fun, if you like the guy.” He’s confused: “How many guys-that-you-don’t-like’s dicks have you sucked?” Treyger’s reaction? If you’re someone who sucks dicks on the regular, considering that question might cause you to look at little harder at your life choices.

Treyger, a Skokie native, is coheadlining this show with another favorite comic of mine, Megan Gailey; Marty DeRosa, of the podcast Wrestling With Depression, hosts.