Everything Is Terrible! Credit: Ashley Macknica

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Like most work by the video collective Everything Is Terrible!, a new film zooms in on the nastiest bits of slime that gather at the bottom of humanity’s media Dumpster. Comic Relief Zero is what people are thinking of when they say they don’t like stand-up, an art that can really bring out the worst in people. For instance: blond, mulleted Scott Wood, who combines prop comedy with Mexican stereotypes while doing a “Hispanic Star Trek” bit. It is asinine and racist. (By the way, Wood now brands himself as Mr. Punchline, a “Christian Comedian” “whose job is to entertain, not offend.” And a YouTube commenter says his wife is black, so you know.)

But there are also brutal moments from millionaires—Jerry Seinfeld, Whoopi Goldberg. Jay Leno wishes there were more white people working in gas stations. Sexism and homophobia run rampant. Comic Relief Zero isn’t a labor of love—it’s a labor of repugnance and horror. It’ll be fun to sit in the theater and try to differentiate between the genuine and the ironic laughter.

Normally, sneak peeks of EIT! films happen in LA. This Chicago screening is a chance to preview the movie as well as catch a live show in which the crew unleash some of their own comedy, aided by elaborate full-bodied puppets. The final version of Comic Relief Zero will be released at the end of the summer.