Lots of noise music lingers at the white end, where the dominant sounds are high-pitched and unfocused, like a swarm of evil insects in the near distance. But Michigan’s Chris Pottinger, aka Cotton Museum, uses a much broader and more palatable range of frequencies, and instead of hovering insistently his tones bounce and ricochet–they go past off-kilter to a kind of discomfiting perviness that’s as insidious as ebola. On Beautiful Golden Fur (released by Tasty Soil in a CD-R edition of 100), wobbly globs of squeal lurch and lunge as what might be a giant vacuum outfitted with helicopter blades sucks them in and chops them up. His output actually sounds like intake–he’s a predator, not a puker, which makes him one of the most genuinely bizarre noise nerds I’ve heard in ages. Fag Tapes honcho Heath Moerland headlines as Sick Llama, a droner who interrupts his barge-harbor ambience with dog whine. Opening the show are Is (a suburban act that sounds like a lowrider dragging its muffler through a sandstorm), Bloodyminded, Crippled Insectual (a caterwauling thrash-noise collaboration between Julia Gilman of Insect Deli and Blake Edwards of Vertonen), and I Love Presets. Mon 4/17, 9:30 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, 773-276-3600 or 866-468-3401. Free.