Norman Carl Odam, a self-styled rocker who calls himself the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight in 1968, when his feral single “Paralyzed” became a novelty hit in Fort Worth, was picked up by Mercury Records, and improbably cracked the Billboard charts. Wailing ineptly on guitar, whooping and hollering like a hillbilly on acid, Odam quickly faded from the mainstream but remains the quintessential cult artist/outsider musician. Tony Philputt spent eight years assembling this low-budget but highly entertaining video profile of “the Ledge,” and it’s been sitting on the shelf for at least four because of the exorbitant licensing fee for Odam’s priceless performance on Laugh-In. To be projected from Beta SP video. 90 min. Gene Siskel Film Center.