Heather McAdams’s L’il 2003 Country Calendar highlights a different country music great each month–from January’s Johnny Cash to December’s Hank Snow–and it’s so jam-packed with country trivia that you’d be hard-pressed to find space to pencil in a doctor’s appointment. Cartoonist and filmmaker McAdams has been producing hand-drawn calendars for the last ten or so years. She and her musician husband, Chris Ligon, sold their Chicago Record Roundup store last year and relocated to Delaware, where she’s been working on a film about her father and Ligon has been writing new songs on a thrift store piano with his brother Scotty. The pair also troll the local flea markets and auctions for collectibles to decorate their house and sell on eBay (their user name is “Recordroundup”). “It’s a lot harder here to make money and no one is interested in us doing a show,” says McAdams, who says she misses the Chicago music scene. “[People] look at me like I’m from Mars when I talk about it so Chris told me to just quit.” The pair returns to Chicagoland to host tonight’s Country Calendar Show, which showcases local acts playing songs by all 12 of McAdams’s featured calendar artists, including Kelly Hogan doing Connie Smith, Neko Case channeling Roger Miller, Vernon Tonges as Homer & Jethro, and Sally Timms covering Waylon Jennings. It’s Friday night at 9 at FitzGerald’s, 6615 Roosevelt in Berwyn (708-788-2118); tickets are $15 and you must be 21 or older. Calendars will be on sale at the show; they’re also available for $15 plus shipping via E-mail (recordroundup@yahoo.com) and at www.bloodshotrecords.com.