Coyote Pretty, at WNEP Theater. Margaret Hicks and Dori Goldman are desperately looking for a guy to date. Any guy. That’s the premise behind their sketch-comedy show, a sweetly silly, inventive late-night romp through the world of dating and other absurdities.

Hicks and Goldman twist what could have been a bland topic into bits that are clever and fresh. In a running gag, Goldman sinks further and further into her chair as Hicks plays a quirky collection of losers introducing themselves to her during rounds of speed dating. In another sketch, Goldman is a world-weary Snow White in love with a philandering prince and Hicks is a sex-starved Cinderella just back from the ball. And in a third unrelated to dating, Hicks and Goldman play community-theater divas trying to upstage each other with increasingly vampy renditions of a song from Sweet Charity.

Hicks’s charming awkwardness and Goldman’s sexy yet self-deprecating charisma make them a perfect match. ImprovOlympic veterans, they play off each other so well that it’s not always clear when they’re improvising and when they’re sticking to the script. Director Jay Paul Skelton brings out the best in both, pacing and smoothly intercutting the scenes and layering the sketches so that each one seems funnier than the last.