Video-game electronica seems to fall in and out of fashion depending on what kind of kids are going to art school. This year it’s hot again, and I’ve never heard a band do it better than Crystal Castles. This Toronto boy-girl duo is glamorous and tragic, tender and filthy, like a glittery babe in the gutter–though the music’s loaded with eight-bit samples, it doesn’t so much as nod to the kitschy nerds working the same territory. With balls-to-the-wall beats, a hailstorm of grimy electronic ephemera, and adorably badass girl vocals, it lands on your head like a bucket of Legos. The Castles’ only formal release, a seven-inch EP that came out last year on Merok, sold out in a flash (a second EP is forthcoming on Summer Lovers Unlimited), and unlike labelmates Klaxons they have more going for them than that one good song you secretly liked but are now sorta sick of. Word is they deliver live too. This is a first-anniversary party for the Funky Buddha’s Outdanced night; DJ Autobot of Flosstradamus, Magic Is Kuntmaster, Heart Shaped Hate, and DJ Ian Hixxx open. a 10 PM, Funky Buddha Lounge, 728 W. Grand, 312-666-1695, $10, $7 before 11 PM with RSVP to