Cupid Is as Cupid Does, Cupid Players, at ImprovOlympic. In 2000 a group of Second City students discovered that writing songs for their sketch-comedy revue made for more disciplined results than simple gag ‘n’ giggle grab bagging. With Cupid Misfires His Eros, a concept was born.

To an even greater extent, Cupid Is as Cupid Does showcases surprisingly sophisticated lyrics and arrangements, accompanied with gusto by Brian Posen on piano. Once again the songs focus on relationships, as in the barbershop harmony “She Likes You (But She Doesn’t ‘Like You’ Like You),” and the downbeat finger-snapping “Too Perfect,” in which a borderline psycho rhapsodizes over his ideal woman. There are also hymns to lifestyle choices (“Celebrate your privates,” proclaims the sweetly virginal “Vagina”), a hee-haw hoedown church liturgy a la Tom Lehrer’s “Vatican Rag,” and even “Tech Guy,” a cameo for the stage manager.

Not all the sketches work equally well–the carpe diem message in “Angels” takes too long to emerge. Audience members can expect to be harassed by break-dancing constables in “Cops” but will probably enjoy sharing in the action of “Loverboys,” a Sondheim-esque exploration of male bonding as innocent as a beer commercial.