Goddess Glory, 22, is a dominatrix who works primarily online. Her Web site is goddessglory.blogspot.com.

What made you decide on this outfit?

I wanted to put an ad in a dominatrix magazine, but I don’t wear black or red–it’s cliche. I went with something white and skintight because it shows off my body, my black skin, and my Afro. I got it custom-made online, had to wait two months for it. It’s not latex, but it’s like latex.

How would you describe your style?

Outside of my dominatrix clothes I never thought I had one, but people always comment on what I’m wearing. During the summer I make sure I have the shortest shorts possible, but in the winter I just pile it on. My boyfriend describes me as a homeless person with style.

What do you go for when you’re putting together an outfit?

I like anything bright that makes my skin look good. I just wanna be sexy. A lot of women don’t dress like that because they’re afraid people will think they look trashy. But I’m proud of my titties, my ass, and my skin.

One thing you specialize in as a dominatrix is racial humiliation–can you tell me about that?

Most white men think of black women as a sexual taboo. They have racial guilt and have it in their minds that they deserve to be hurt. They’re looking for a neck-twisting, finger-snapping ghetto woman, and that’s my thing–being a badass black bitch who shows them what’s up.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Saverio Truglia.