Untitled, 2011 by Rebekka Federle

Robyn Farrell says she’s admired the programming at West Loop printmaking co-op Spudnik Press for a long time. So when she had an idea for an exhibition focusing on collage, she called up Spudnik director Angee Lennard and asked if they’d be interested in hosting it. Turns out Lennard had been thinking about putting on just such a show herself. “We collaborated immediately,” Farrell says. The result is Cut, Bit, and Curious, featuring work by Julia Vodrey Hendrickson, Rebekka Federle, and Liz Wolf, all of whom have used collage and printed materials in the past. “Their work combines into a really smart, slow, and poetic narrative,” says Farrell. All of them are “excited about working with paper and a show that encourages it at a time when almost everything we do is related to some sort of digital media.” The fact that the works are small—ranging in size from 8.5×11 inches down to 1×3.5 inches—underscores a sense of both modesty and preciousness. “I see a lot of artists creating bigger and bigger because it’s easier to display large art in an impactful way,” Lennard says. “Here, some of the pieces are smaller than a postcard. It’s delicate and intimate.”