Yet another band to generate a big buzz with little actual product, the Portland powerhouse DANAVA has so far made one comp appearance and released a couple demo tracks, but the tunes sound like the work of musicians with a future longer than 15 minutes. Danava’s fresh approach to aggro space rock is flexible enough that it ought to be sustainable more or less indefinitely–they sometimes dress up their long-journeying songs in shameless glam glitter and sometimes tweak them with elegant impishness a la Syd Barrett (RIP), and they always sound like they could’ve survived an intergalactic space battle with Damon Edge with most of their shields intact. They’ve recently signed to Kemado and are finishing up a full-length due in the fall; here they’ll be selling a one-sided tour-only 12-inch of tracks from the album that has engraving on the empty face. –Monica Kendrick

At his Birthday Party best, Nick Cave took his debased sexiness–abetted by supernaturally good hair and an intensive drug regimen–to a far-out place that’d frighten Jim Morrison’s leather pants. He set the bar for hotness/wrongness so inhumanly high that it was almost pointless to compete–since then nobody in alt-rock (or nobody male at least) has seemed to want to try. The land is afflicted by a plague of Conor Oberst types whining for hand jobs, and the only people willing or able to revisit Cave’s old freaky, moany turf are all-too-rare megasexified women like Polly Jean Harvey and the girls who front the Get Hustle and Celebration. Add to that select group Celia Wall, the singer and drummer for the Portland band SNOW FOXXES–all they’ve put out so far is a self-released CD-R, but on its five songs she does things to decadent 70s boogie that most indie-rock guys only read about on –Miles Raymer

Danava headlines, Plastic Crimewave Sound plays third, the Functional Blackouts play second, and Snow Foxxes open. Sat 7/29, 10 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, 773-276-3600 or 866-468-3401, $8.