This busily bizarre Montreal-based synth-pop duo (or trio, if they’re playing with a live drummer) suffers from a glamorous affliction: excess imagination. Tossing out ideas in an anxious frenzy to clear their heads, they create all sorts of improbable new genres–bubblegum ragtime humpcore, Ren Faire industrial cabaret, avant-unitard noise. They say they “want to boogie” with the urgency and malice of a street hood trying to goad you into a knife fight. Front woman Dandilion Wind Opaine uses her voice as percussion, growling, spitting, and hiccuping when she’s not hammering in an aggressively flat monotone. She and keyboardist Szam Findlay have the best stage outfits this side of the electroclash outbreak–ballet jester mime, majorette hooker cowgirl, black-metal art monk–and Opaine is all about modern-dance gymnastics, hoochie moves, and horror-movie faces. If there’s anything for her to climb, she will–even if it’s just a tall guy in the crowd. Next time this band comes around, tickets will cost twice as much if you can get them at all. Aleks & the Drummer open; Curtis Vodka and Flufftronix spin. a 10 PM, Funky Buddha Lounge, 728 W. Grand, 312-666-1695, $8, RSVP to for reduced admission before 11 PM. –Liz Armstrong