The cliched title of Daugherty & Field’s cabaret revue, From Bach to Rock, is pure tongue-in-cheek; Bill Daugherty and Robin Field, both gifted singers and impressionists, are less than interested in either Bach or rock. Their specialty is the American song, circa 1920 to 1950. But this lively and literate team avoids mucky nostalgia with ingeniously inventive arrangements and brisk pacing. The medley-mad duo breeze through parodic tributes to radio, vaudeville, great teams (Burns and Allen, Hope and Crosby, Lewis and Martin, Kermit and Miss Piggy), great songwriters (Rodgers and Hart collide with Frank Loesser, while the bluebirds flying over the rainbow suddenly take a turn for the white cliffs of Dover), and George Gershwin, whose life story is told in new lyrics set to a virtuosic vocal arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue. Very smart and very funny stuff for fans of classic American pop. At the Halsted Theatre Centre, through December 17. Friday and Saturday, 10:45 PM; Sunday, 9:30 PM. $15.