Born in Queens, raised on Long Island, and schooled at NYU, Dave Attell is your prototypical New York comedian: quick, raw, and dissident. He’s also undeniably funny. A frequent pick among his peers as an inspiration or favorite, the former Insomniac host says he was influenced by Colin Quinn, another New York stand-up who’s found success in television. Attell grimaces through jokes, forgoing deadpan or sarcastic smirks as if to emphasize his slacker cynicism. He turns his critical eye most often on himself, especially his baldness and health. Visiting the barber, he says, “I sit down, he’s like, ‘Nice day. You’re finished.'” And his physical condition? “I need a nap after I fart.” What I most like about his act, though, is his playfulness with the stand-up form. Sometimes his setups are also punch lines: “So I’m sittin’ on the couch playin’ my favorite apartment game, find the smell … ” a Through 4/29: Fri 8 and 10:15 PM, Sat 7 and 9:15 PM, Sun 7 PM, the Improv, Woodfield Mall, Golf Rd. at Rte. 53, Schaumburg, 847-240-2001, $27, two-drink minimum.