Since the late 90s the New York trio Dave’s True Story has been outfitting pop jazz with ironic lyrics, a tactic that’s prompted one critic to describe the group as “Cole Porter meets Seinfeld.” But the sly and languorous songs on Nature (BePop), their fourth album, still sound deeply engaged with the world and its discontents. Kelly Flint isn’t quite Piaf, but her breathy vocals convey genuine sorrow, and the lushly layered comping of guitarist-songwriter David Cantor, bassist Jeff Eyrich, and various guest hornmen and percussionists intensifies the lonely closing-time mood. Cantor’s lyrics use deft imagery to tackle themes of romantic infatuation (“Still, She Knows”) and psychic dissolution (“Cinder”), but at their best they’re both vivid and ambiguous: “I Lost My Nature” could be a lament for a dying libido or a parable about a recovering addict. And when Cantor does strike a cool, detached pose–riffing on information overload in “The World in Which We Live” or observing other people’s failures to connect in “Everlasting No”–his lines are more sympathetic than smirking. See also Monday. Tue 7/19, 8 PM, Davenport’s Piano Bar & Cabaret, 1383 N. Milwaukee, 773-278-1830, $20.