Dazed and Corn-fused, Corn Productions, at the Cornservatory. It took seven writers to assemble this thinly veiled infomercial for Corn Productions’ 2003 season, and the damn thing still doesn’t make any sense. Missed opportunities, flat punch lines, labored plot devices–all the hallmarks of bad sketch comedy are here plus incessant references to the company’s past productions. The script’s undercooked contrivances might make some sense in the context of its subject: three impaired musicians try to get ready for a gig. But the show never trains its sights on one topic long enough to approach the purple haze of the stoner movies it apes.

The show’s three directors have applied such fast-and-loose approaches that all the script’s seams are obvious. But please don’t blame the unseasoned cast: though most showcase a dazzling array of left feet and can’t be bothered to remember their lines, it must be hard to buy into a show when you know you’ll have to masquerade as a singing and dancing turd. Unfortunately none of the inspired novelty of the company’s Tiff and Mom plays or Floss! seeped into this production; as it stands, this is a tutorial on how to stage halfhearted theater that wallows in its own stinky irrelevance. Take a minute to marvel at the enormity of this floater–then flush it into oblivion.