David Cronenberg’s finely tuned new feature is a psychological thriller exploring the complex lives of two gynecologists, identical twins (both played by Jeremy Irons) who share everything from their girlfriends to the successful fertility clinic that they jointly run. Their close mutual ties become challenged when they both become attracted to the same actress (Genevieve Bujold). Cronenberg and Norman Snider wrote the script, adapted from a novel by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland. Cronenberg’s most ambitious film to date is an astonishing tour de force–especially for Irons, whose sense of nuance is so refined that one can often tell which twin he is playing in a particular scene in a matter of seconds–and the special effects utilized in the scenes with both twins are so well handled that one quickly forgets their presence. But the sheer unpleasantness of the plot, inspired by a real-life case, guarantees that this isn’t a film for everyone, and spectators like myself who find the character played by Bujold (in one of her best performances to date) more interesting than either of the twins are bound to feel rather frustrated by the end. Overall, the film is dense and impressive, but personally I still prefer Videodrome. (Golf Mill, Grove, Oakbrook, Orland Square, Plaza, Ridge, Water Tower, Woodfield, Ford City, Harlem-Cermak, Deerbrook, Evanston, Hyde Park, Norridge, Webster Place, Chicago Ridge)