Deerhoof has slimmed down to a trio on its new album, Friend Opportunity (Kill Rock Stars), but in a lot of ways this bubblegum-prog band is bigger than ever. Never skittish about their disjointedness, they’ve gotten bolder with it: twinkling micropop gives way to manic drum fills and dissonant guitar freak-outs, or symphonic ELO-esque choruses are interrupted by boogie breaks. Sometimes the changes come all at once; other times they’re preceded by awkwardly long pauses. But for all this mishmash, Deerhoof is first and foremost about precision and control. And while that steely perfection sometimes comes off a bit cold, here the band has managed to turn in an absolutely ass-shaking album, underscored by plenty of disco cowbell and half-time wood-block clacking. That’s even factoring in singer (and bassist) Satomi Matsuzaki, an unlikely dance-band diva: between her cute ESL baby voice and her lyrics about hearts, animals, and candy, her vocals are like someone describing a Lisa Frank sticker collection to a blind person. Busdriver, Trin Tran, and Maps & Atlases open. a 6:30 PM, Metro, 3730 N. Clark, 773-549-0203 or 312-559-1212, $13. A