November 2 be damned: we can laugh again thanks to this delightfully dysfunctional duo. Seth Thomas is the brainy, patient black brother and Paul Thomas (no relation) his lunkheaded, not-so-silent white sidekick. Their crackerjack hour includes a ghetto version of Abbott and Costello’s famous “Who’s on first?” routine, a film shoot ruined by a white actor too squeamish to say the “N” word, and takeoffs on Bible retreats, basketball coaches who rant at fifth graders, and the different experiences that African-American and white soldiers have during the same war. Testing limits, the sharpest sketch shows the two at an improv competition desperately trying to concoct a funny bit on abortion. In the most moving scene, Seth is dishing the office dirt when he’s suddenly informed of his mother’s death. As in much strong comedy, point of view alters everything, in this case excruciatingly. Through 12/10: Thu-Fri 8 PM. No show Thu 11/11 and 11/25. Chicago Cultural Center, studio theater, 78 E. Washington (enter at 77 E. Randolph), 312-924-1823. $7-$10.