Here’s a rollicking night of Texas roadhouse exuberance we’re not likely to forget. Delbert McClinton is something of a cult legend among aficionados. His cover of Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Wake Up Baby,” released on Le Cam in 1960, was the first record by a white artist to be played on KNOK in Fort Worth; when he toured England as a member of Bruce Channel’s band in the early 60s the opening act was a group of aspiring rockers called the Beatles, and he gave their guitarist John Lennon some harp pointers between shows; since then he’s built a reputation as a leather-lunged R & B shouter and a harp man capable of generating as much heat as anyone on the scene. Anson Funderburgh’s career was launched in the 1960s in the clubs of Dallas, where musicians were fusing rowdy R & B with breezy sophistication to create a dance music that was simultaneously propulsive and elegant. His guitar style can only be described as “tasty-hot”–speed and dexterity melded with rare musical feeling. Featured on harp will be Mississippian Sam Myers, a straight-ahead blower whose unpretentious bluesiness creates a compelling musical tension with Funderburgh’s sprightly improvisational fire. Tonight, Cubby Bear, 1059 W. Addison; 327-1662 or 477-7469. Saturday, 6 PM, Bird Park, Court and Wall, Kankakee. 800-747-4837.