The outrages of pedophile priests have generated screaming headlines but relatively little understanding of the Catholic culture that permitted and concealed such crimes, which makes this informed documentary by Amy Berg all the more valuable. She focuses on Father Oliver O’Grady, a monstrous little leprechaun who raped dozens of children in the 70s and 80s while the diocese of Stockton, California, shuttled him from one parish to another. Living unsupervised in Dublin following a prison term, he speaks openly about his sins, cheerily at peace with himself and his God even as, back in America, his grown victims tear themselves to pieces. They and their anguished family members testify on-screen as well, and their pain is inescapable. Yet Berg tempers this violent emotion with cool analysis, exposing the warped power relationship between a priest and his flock and the long history of legal stonewalling that leads all the way up to Pope Benedict XVI. 103 min. Landmark’s Century Centre. –J.R. Jones