These local new-wave dorks aren’t just playing at this free DVD screening of Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?, Vickie Hunter and Heather Whinna’s 2004 documentary about Christian rock–they’re in the movie, performing and giving interviews. The band formed in 1996, while the members were attending a fundamentalist Bible school that later expelled them–their unofficial Web site suggests it had “something to do with robots and hamburger meat.” Their squirrelly but hooky electro-pop is a little bit Oingo Boingo and a little bit Sparks, when it isn’t reminding me of the Lambda Lambda Lambdas’ band in Revenge of the Nerds–and in case you still aren’t sure what their favorite decade is, the recent Jukebox of the Dead CD (available at includes versions of such bar mitzvah sure shots as “Sussudio,” “Dancing on the Ceiling,” and “Like a Virgin.” The covers are as good as can be expected, if nothing to write home about, but “Behold the Man”–an original from the band’s current batch of yet-to-be-released demos–is what really rocks my casbah. Following the movie and music, Reckless Records is throwing a “new release Ping-Pong party,” with records for sale and table tennis for all. Tue 1/10, 7 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508. Free.