Deva Suckerman’s 36 paintings on found wood at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology show solitary meditators in somber colors floating on abstract backgrounds. The works flirt with New Age kitsch, but their ingenuousness is compelling. The woman in Offering I holds a flower, but the wood on which she’s painted is broken jaggedly across the top and worn in the middle, making the flower stand out. Still is done on multiple wood panels on three levels; the viewer is often looking past one panel’s edge to another, yet the line of the woman’s dress continues across them. Four figures are at the left center of Haven, each isolated in his or her own solitude, most painted across two or three separate panels. The solid colors of the panels create a rectilinear field that sets off the concentric halos around the figures’ heads, which overlap to create a little concerto in curves that ties these dreamers together–suggesting that we’re all linked, all travelers on a common journey. Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 47 W. Polk, second floor, through July 25. Hours are 9 to 9 Monday through Thursday, and 9 to 5 Friday; 312-786-9443.