The Paris-based Diblo Dibala is a virtuoso of the central African soukous guitar style pioneered in the 1970s by late Zairean guitarist Franco. Formerly a featured soloist with the great singer-bandleader Kanda Bongo Man, Dibala has carved out his own niche with a markedly tradition-conscious style that serves as a nice break from the overdriven, hard-slamming sound so common among the African pop acts that have transplanted themselves to fast-paced Paris. To be sure, Dibala has not completely avoided getting caught up in the unfortunate trend toward increasingly homogenized “world beat” slickness. But he still manages to keep the rhythm supple and snaky enough to ensure that the subtleties of his chiming, twinkling guitar playing don’t get lost amid all the bass beats, staccato shouts, and. inevitable sweaty dancing bodies. Saturday, Equator Club, 4715 N. Broadway; 728-2411.