Dick Danger, DJ Crimesolver, Factory Theater, at the Athenaeum Theatre. Those who can finish the phrase “Clapton is…” or name the Beatles’ original drummer will pass DJ Dick Danger’s rock kindergarten–and enjoy this crime-solving caper from George Brant.

David Bryson exudes self-confidence as Dick Danger, the “Sherlock of Rock.” When he’s not on the air, he encourages the rock ‘n’ roll dreams of his timid intern (a scene-stealing Jim Simon) or fights with his stressed-out boss (Justin Fletcher, barking out orders) over the new hire, a woman newsreader. Once outside the studio booth he investigates the murder of two FCC members (small roles, but Bob Kaercher and Danielle Brothers make big impressions). His main suspects? A sleazy shock jock and a smooth-talking, love-affirming DJ (portrayed with broad flair by the hilarious Nick Digilio and Manny Tamayo respectively). Brant’s show brims with film noir patter, vivid fight scenes, and out-and-out mockery of those who make music a religion. Mike Beyer and Kirk Pynchon’s additional material brings the show up-to-date, but it’s the silliness of a Shakespearean death scene and of a ballet done to a dramatic rendition of “Knights in White Satin” that guarantees laughs.

On opening weekend Noah Simon’s production lacked polish, but the kinks should be easily worked out. This lively comedy is sure to entertain, especially those who answered “God” and “Pete Best” and need a break from downloading MP3s.