In the testosterone-infused world of improv and sketch comedy, it’s refreshing to see a show where the women so completely dominate the stage and the men are so, well, clueless. In the collection of rudimentary two-character scenes known as Disco Bob, director/performer Amy Seeley and Jenny Kirkland consistently shine. With her snappy, sometimes bitchy demeanor, Kirkland has perfected a wide array of whiny bourgeois suburban roles. And Seeley, a brilliant impersonator of losers, dopes, and most anybody else with dubious social skills, is hilarious, even (perhaps especially) when she isn’t saying anything. Meanwhile, the men (Bo Blackburn, Kirk Pynchon, and Joey Meyer) wander around the stage, breaking improv rules left and right, striving vainly for easy laughs. The impish Blackburn has his moments, but Meyer always seems to play the same character, and Pynchon–who has estimable but ill-applied stage presence–should take some more classes. In the old days of Saturday Night Live and Monty Python the women got the girlfriend and sidekick roles while the guys got the laughs. Here, Seeley and Kirkland turn that tradition on its head. One wonders if the guys are in on the joke. Factory Theater, 1257 W. Loyola, 274-1345. Through August 18: Fridays, 8 PM, $7.