Fancy Ketchup, at the Organic Theater Company Greenhouse, South Hall.

This comedy group is more condiment than substance, as its name implies. There are witty and entertaining moments in Fancy Ketchup’s two-hour sketch comedy revue Do You Have Any Irish in You? but most could be chopped in half. Consider the troupe’s funny but bloated parody of 70s TV cop shows, which has one too many slo-mo kung fu sequences and gags recycled from the Naked Gun film series. And a relatively humorous spoof of men’s encounter groups, in which macho guys applaud each other for suppressing their emotions, telegraphs its punch lines minutes before they arrive.

Some giggles and strong performances are sprinkled throughout, especially during a vignette about a karaoke bar in Ireland and a hackneyed but still funny send-up of Batman. But the evening seems padded to justify its two-act length. How else to explain the five flat, disingenuous, purportedly autobiographical monologues that almost all the company members deliver? (The only exception is Christina Gausas, the one woman in the show, who naturally gets the shit roles.) Why else would Fancy Ketchup include a groaningly obvious sketch about a couple of bozos working for a UFO research center?

And then there’s the “Pinball Wizard” sketch: you just know the guy with the dark glasses and cane won’t be able to play pinball and that he’s going to take off his glasses and say, “You know, I’m not even blind.” Moments like these make you feel like saying, “Tell you what. Hold the Ketchup.”