Confessional monologues may be all the rage among solo performers, but the one-person shows I really admire are those in which the actor actually acts–and creates an entire universe. Almost two years ago Heather Woodbury blew me away with her epic multievening, 100-character solo show What Ever (An American Odyssey in 8 Acts). Now comes K. Brian Neel, a member of Seattle Mime Theatre, in a solo show packed with the low-life denizens of a fictional blue-collar world–swaggering dudes, self-deluding barflies, tough working-class women. They’re all involved in a complicated plot as mayhem is unleashed when someone is (perhaps) accidentally shot. Neel’s tale, structured like a film, lacks the sweep of Woodbury’s stories and her vision, but he shares her gift for flipping from one character to another and then back, using his Jim Carrey-esque rubber face and amazingly pliable body. He’s also able to summon up the scummy, paranoid world of his script–a blend of tabloids and film noir–using only the most minimal of props, a chair. Chopin studio, Friday, September 8, 11 PM; Sunday, September 10, 11 PM. –Jack Helbig