Writer-director Roger Bectel, who adapted Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck for the new Big Picture Group, allows the actors to be overwhelmed by Andrew Schneider’s intriguing layered video projections. That’s too bad, because Big Picture has an interesting vision. Ibsen’s play is about the tension between the truthfulness necessary in a genuine relationship and the illusions we need to stay alive, and the videos–images of the actors as well as flickering collages of calming and disturbing subjects related to the play’s themes–illustrate that nicely. But Bectel seems to have paid little attention to the actors onstage, who alternate between stiff and shrill, leaching the nuance from Ibsen’s play. The exception is Amber Robinson, emotionally lambent as 12-year-old Hedwig, who takes the one action she thinks might save her family when she realizes it’s falling apart. Through 6/26: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 PM. Breadline Theatre, 1802 W. Berenice, 847-297-5285. $10-$12; industry nights Thu.