The important thing about Dwight Twilley isn’t that he was “ahead of his time,” or even the sad likelihood that he would be rich today if he had released his first album in 1985. It’s that he’s a great rocker–makes great records, does great shows–and has to his credit at least three bona fide, slinky, elegantly smoking pop-rock ‘n’ roll classics (“I’m on Fire,” “Tryin’ to Find My Baby,” “Somebody to Love”). This gangly Oklahoman is a born stylist and seems to have no trouble crafting distinctive, emotionally rich songs built on classic Mersey Beat structures and gilded with rockabilly flash and rhythm. He returned to the charts in ’84 with “Girls,” but–to my knowledge–he hasn’t given a Chicago show since ChicagoFest ’79, so I can’t speak for the state of the act. But if he’s on, it’ll be the best rock ‘n’ roll value in town this weekend. Saturday, Biddy Mulligan’s, 7644 N. Sheridan; 761-6532.