At a time when branding has become a philosophy of life (show your best, obscure your worst), questions of identity and perception are especially intriguing. Avery Crozier’s Eat the Runt serviceably explores the malleable meanings of gender, sexuality, race, and religious affiliation in the context of a job candidate’s interviews. But Crozier’s also devised a gimmick that directly confronts audience members with their prejudices: each night’s crowd casts the show by voting with electronic touch pads after mini auditions. Obviously the actors must know every part, and the gimmick works at least as a showcase of their chops and as a continuing hook–when the performance was over I wanted to see it again, recast. –Ryan Hubbard a Open run: Wed-Fri 8 PM, Sat 8 and 10:30 PM, Sun 3 PM, Chicago Center for the Performing Arts, 777 N. Green, 312-733-6000, $30-$37.50.