Edie Sedgwick–not the dead Warhol starlet but rather Supersystem/El Guapo bassist Justin Moyer in drag–is concerned about the future. He sees two paths for humanity: the vicious rigidity of the modern and the vacuous relativism of the postmodern. The way to escape this fool’s choice, as he explains in a sassy, pseudoacademic online manifesto, is to obliterate the illusory distinction between those paths by sincerely committing to the role of ultimate whitewashed fake–in other words, by learning to say substantial things about insubstantial subjects. In this case, the insubstantial subjects are celebrities. Since 2001 Moyer has been tarting himself up in slinky dresses and sparkly platform shoes and robotically yelping about famous actors as though they really were the characters they play. His latest CD, Her Love Is Real . . . But She Is Not (DeSoto), is teen-bedroom dance punk, all shitty drum machines and frantic synth lines. On “Martin Sheen” Edie sings, “He was a Kurtz-killer, pig-destroyer, but now a no-fake President–he is the nation!” over a hectic snare and hi-hat, and harmonized falsetto ooohs and Suicide-esque keyboards quiver in response. “Is this music humorous?” asks Sedgwick’s site. “Is Edie kidding?” The answer: No, but also yes. “Edie is as serious as Law and Order or a Dogma film.” Onstage Moyer’s only instrument is an iPod, but if you can buy into his act you’ll have a good time. Far Rad and the Countdown open. Tue 4/5, 9:30 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, 773-276-3600 or 800-594-8499, $8.