This band of minor indie-rock stars, led by former Brainiac guitarist John Schmersal, has developed a catchy kind of schizophrenia. On its consistently tuneful debut, Believo! (Seethru Broadcasting), familiar melodies are upended with giddy lo-fi electronica (“Get the Letter Out”), hipster blues are smothered in hiss (“Cruel”), hooky blue-eyed soul is addled by sludgy bass (“Rubber Car”), and fragile pop is pummeled by kinetic beats and blasts that sound like channel surfing (“For the Sum of It”). The record’s on the quiet side, but live the multiple personalities blend in a rush of manic, noisy hysteria. Matt Schultz, who’s touring in place of drummer Steve Calhoon, grooves like Devo’s Alan Myers while guitarist Rick Lee (ex-Skeleton Key) fiddles with a suitcase full of toys and effects and Schmersal, occasionally slinging his own ax to the side, delivers his goofy lyrics with a bemused, slightly demented expression. The current lineup also includes ex-Blonde Redhead bassist Toko Yasuda. Saturday, 6:30 PM, Reckless Records, 1532 N. Milwaukee; 773-235-3727. Saturday, 11 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600. PETER MARGASAK