It’s always a bit off-putting when a band’s influences are so transparent–if it’s already been done once (and well), why bother doing it again? But though Erase Errata, four ladies from Oakland, share a frantic, crunchy postpunk sensibility with half the bands on the west coast right now, the similarities stop at the sound: while Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre do their coy imitation of Siouxsie and Le Shok ape the Fall, Erase Errata have worked out their own unique interpretation of the herky-jerky. On their forthcoming full-length, Other Animals (Troubleman), singer Jenny (nobody uses last names) talks, rants, whoops, and wails surprisingly intelligible poetry and bleats lethargically through a trumpet while awkward guitar melodies and busy drums wander into brisk, jarring interludes. Sometimes the spasms feel a little too perfectly orchestrated, but despite all the angular careening, it’s still strangely danceable. Wednesday, July 18, 6 PM, Fireside Bowl, 2646 W. Fullerton; 773-486-2700.