The Comics Issue

As a purveyor of printed matter, I’m constantly amazed at the variety and quality of comics being produced today. Chicago alone is home to many talented comics artists; on top of that, our city’s played an important role in the history of the form, particularly in the development of indie comics. In keeping with that tradition, some of the submissions featured here go beyond conventional ideas of comics. Celina Hernandez submitted a drawing of a naked woman with notes about herself.

Pietre Valbuena offered a beautiful wordless comic about children playing at giving birth. Other submissions caught the spirit of Chicago: Erik Schneider’s drawing of the el gets his point across with a single-word balloon, while Johnny Sampson pokes fun at the mayor in a straightforward, relevant way. These are just a few of the creators featured, all following their own visions of what comics can be. I’m excited the Reader‘s brought back its Comics Issue, and glad to be a part of it. —Eric Kirsammer