Since his earliest pieces 15 years ago, which roughly followed a path carved out by the great sound artist Christian Marclay, this French turntablist has continually expanded his sonic vocabulary. Most of his recorded output has been collaborative: teaming up with an international list of electroacoustic improvisers, including Toshimaru Nakamura, Otomo Yoshihide, Jerome Noetinger, Voice Crack, and Gunter Muller, he’s tended to deploy his electronic noises as part of a single massed sound rather than as one side of a give-and-take conversation. Even among this consistently strong work, his best collaboration may be 2004’s Archives Sauvees des Eaux (Angle), where he and French composer Luc Ferrari improvise using a stream of abstract samples stored on CD and minidisc, forgoing clear-cut structure to explore dynamics in density, movement, and juxtaposition. Shortly after Ferrari’s death in 2005, Erik M recorded another version of the piece with a small new-music ensemble, released last year on the CD Et Tournent les Sons (Cesare). The recent Sixperiodes (Sirr) contains six solo pieces composed for dance, theater, and film: “Les Paesines” generates a hovering, ominous ambience, while “Slide” is more suspenseful, with pointillist piano stabs ringing out like gunshots amid a glacial hum. These solo gigs, Erik M’s first in Chicago since 2000, are part of the Openport festival at Link’s Hall. On tonight’s bill he goes first, followed by performance artists Carolyn Bergvall, Jon Cates & Jake Eliot, and Galen Curwen-McAdams. See also Sunday; for information on other festival events see Section 2. a 7:30 PM, Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, second floor, 773-281-0824, $12, $10 for students, seniors, and the unemployed. A